This page is a collection of my photos and trips chasing trains in Canada and the USA. I also traced and either walked or rode my bike on most of the abandoned railway lines in Grey and Bruce Counties. I enjoy chasing and photographing trains. I hope you find something that interest you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to use any of the material on this site. Your comments welcome.


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Live Scanner Feed of CN CP VIA Rail and Ontario Southland. Coverage Ingersoll to Woodstock CN Dundas Sub CP Galt Sub OSR St Thomas Sub

CN 161.415 161.025 161.205 160.455 160.215 160.365 160.655

CP 161.475 161.325 160.425 161.505 160.635 161.370 160.185

VIA 459.2250 160.2000

OSR 160.905 160.995 160.570





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Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society. Trips behind Essex Terminal Railway N0. 9,  0-6-0 switcher. Updates on No 9 rebuild.

Trip Index Canada & US

Links to trips I took to spots in Canada or the USA to train chase or visit railway locations.

History- Ontario Cities

This section includes photo essays and facts of cities and town in mostly Grey & Bruce Counties in Ontario of location where rails are just a memory. Read all about Perth County Heritage

History - Ontario Bridges


These are trestles, bridges and culverts that are still standing years after the tracks have been removed. Some of them have been preserved since some of the photos were taken and are now part of a rail trail.

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