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Live Scanner Feed of CN CP VIA Rail and Ontario Southland. Coverage Ingersoll to Woodstock CN Dundas Sub CP Galt Sub OSR St Thomas Sub

CN 161.415 161.025 161.205 160.455 160.215 160.365 160.655

CP 161.475 161.325 160.425 161.505 160.635 161.370 160.185

VIA 459.2250 160.2000

OSR 160.905 160.995 160.570

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OSR 1210 1244 Ingersoll Ontario

Ontario Southland Railway OSR 1210 12444 Ingersoll Ontario Jun 5 2020

RAILREEL Right Time Wrong Place May 25 2020

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Nov 30

Will Toronto Need Mega Transit Projects After COVID 19?

Nov 28

Work On GO Pushes VIA Trains To Freight Only Tracks

Nov 27

Ontario Southland Railway Returns RS18's To Service

Nov 27

Holiday Train On Line Dec 12 8 PM

Nov 25

Transport Canada Revises Rules On Worker Fatigue

Nov 23

Seek Help If You Need It - Suicides Increase On GO System

Nov 23

Rocky Mountaineer Targets California Zephyr

Nov 23

All Aboard... Or Not VIA Rail's Plans Up In Air

Nov 22

CP Gets Early Christmas Present From Maersk

Nov 21

Town Of Milton Fighting CN Intermodal Terminal

Nov 18

CN Layoffs Only If Business Slows

Nov 17

TSB Updates Investigation Of CN St Clair Tunnel Derailment

Nov 16

Hamilton Water Tested Near CN Yard Bayfront Park

Nov 16

New GO Bus Terminal At Union Opens December

Nov 15

Great Day To Move A Locomotive CN 6167

Nov 15

CP 2816 To Steam Again Holiday Train

Nov 13

New Option Huron Central Railway

Nov 11

VIA 5 Year Plan 3rd Canadian Won't Be restored

Nov 11

Cooksville GO Station Opens

Nov 10

CN Releases Photos Of Veteran Tribute Railways

Nov 9

CP Rail Closing Trail In Kamloops

Nov 9

Crude By Rail Poses Higher Social Than Financial Risk

Nov 9

OBRY Has Lost Another Customer

Nov 9

Ottawa Increases Winter Oil Train Speeds

Nov 7

CN CP To Benefit From GM Ford Announcements

Nov 7

Alberta To Ban Protesters From Blocking Railways

Nov 6

TSB Sudden Track Tailure Led To CN Derailment

Nov 6

Sudbury Company Seeks Ontario Northland To Maintain Huron Central

Nov 6

Drop Service date Looms For Huron Central

Nov 6

Railways Prepare For Winter

Nov 5

VIA Rail To get New Reservation System

Nov 5

Metrolinx Deploys New Departure Screens Union Station

Nov 4

No Longer Atypical CN Inspection Cars

Nov 3

CP Assures Coal Dust Concerns Are Addressed Kamloops

Nov 3

Low Income Housing In The Way Ottawa Plows Ahead LRT

Nov 3

Edmonton Identifies Contractor Light Rail Project

Nov 1

West Coast Express Has Been Running 25 Years



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